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Established in 2009 by teachers from Chattanooga, Tennessee to raise funds to obtain school supplies, uniforms, provide scholarships, curriculum materials, and facility support for remote village schools in Nepal.

Teachers are also members of the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Iota. Nickels for Nepal their philanthropic project.

The following accomplishments have been made from 2009-2022:

  •  2021-2022 $5000 donated school supplies, uniforms, scholarships

  •  2021 $4000 donated school supplies, learning lab tv and            computer, educational scholarships 

  •  2018-2020 $5000 Distance Learning teacher training, $8000 scholarships,school supplies, teacher resources, and facilities support

  • 2017-2018 $1800. "Street Boys" of Kathmandu, shoes, socks & meals provided through partner, Chattanooga Nepali Association also computer and tablets donated to disabled school

  • 2017-18 $4500. school supplies, scholarships, uniforms for remote village Mijar village 165 students

  • 2017-18 $730. clean water project working with educators in Houma, LA

  • 2009-2016 Annual donation of $500.00 for school supplies donated to the remote MIjar Village School to support 100 students

  • 2014 Donation of $2000.00 for uniforms donated to Mijar Village for 85 students

  • 2015-6 Donation of $2000.00 for uniforms donated to Mijar Village for 100 students

  • 2010-2016 annual Donation of $1500.00 for Binod from the Mijar Village to attend Kavya School in Kathmandu, Nepal to learn English

  • 2014-2016 Donation of $1500.00 per year for Sangeeta from the Mijar Village to attend Kavya School in Kathmandu, Nepal to learn English

  • 2015 Donation of $3000.00 for sanitation project to build toilets for Mijar Village

  • 2015 Scholarship donation $1000.00 for 10 students from Jhapa Village

  • 2015 Emergency donations of $20,000.00 for remote village school children and their families including Mijar Village, Sindapolchok, Gorka, and Kavre

  • 2016 Water Project donation $500.00 for remote village

  • 2016 Disabled School donation of school supplies, uniforms, and custom made tables for 40 students

2016 after many earthquakes and landslides the toilets for the children in the remote MIjar village have been built. 

The labor was provided by 80 of the local villagers. Building materials were provided with funds raised through Nickels for Nepal.

The building design was created by Christopher Smith a volunteer for Nickels for Nepal from Chattanooga, TN

Nickels for Nepal donation to Mijar Village School for sanitation project is $3000

Nawaraj and volunteers deliver school supplies and uniforms to Mijar Village School Principal

Volunteers from Chattanooga, TN

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